Hoegaarden, Belgium
Credit: Christophe Ketels / Alamy Stock Photo

More than half of Millennials say they plan to go on a spring break vacation this year, according to a joint study from TripAdvisor, Viator, and However, on those trips, a whopping 65 percent of spring break-ready Millennials say they won’t spend their time off slowing down or relaxing. One beer company is hoping to change all that by paying young people to chill out.

Hoegaarden, the popular Belgian wheat beer, wants spring breakers to slow down during their trip by paying a visit to their hometown of Hoegaarden, Belgium. And the company is happy to pay for your travels if you’re willing to visit.

“Yes, you can get paid to go on spring break this year,” reps for the beer company said in a statement. “Hoegaarden will pay you $1,445 to experience a slowed down life in Hoegaarden — what this rustic, quaint village has to offer — an abundance of nature, cloud watching, cobblestone skipping, and savoring the smooth, citrusy Hoegaarden.”

For the trip, Hoegaarden is offering four travelers plus their friends everything they’d need to spend their Spring Break in Belgium. The package includes flights, accommodations, plus $1,445 to spend while there. Why $1,445? Because that’s the year Hoegaarden was founded. So yeah, they know a thing or two about taking things slow and steady.

"This alternative spring break is a chance to enjoy a respite from modern stresses. To disconnect. To recharge,” Hoegarrden said on its website. “In our quaint village in Belgium, you’ll find an overflow of green spaces, charming cafes, and of course, our famous wheat beer. Here, life moves a little slower, beer is brewed a little longer, and we prioritize conversation over Wi-Fi connection.”

To get in on the slow action you must be a citizen of the United States and 25 or older. Travel must take place between May 11-15. Now, all that’s left to do is enter at This is one thing you can’t do slowly, however, as the deadline for entries is Monday, April 22.