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Spring travels serves up locales full of flowers (tulips in Amsterdam, cherry blossoms on Mount Yoshino) as well as beaches packed with revelry. Places like Cancun, Daytona Beach, and San Diego can be incredible fun this time of year, if that’s what you are looking for, but a bacchanal-tinged beach vacation isn’t the only experience that spring travels offer. Whether you are looking for a riotous party on a warm beach, a winding drive up through Wales’s sheep-littered mountains, or a mouthwatering bowl of real Tokyo ramen, T+L has the latest and best information on springtime travel destinations and getaways.

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The Best Places to Travel in April

Whether you’re hoping for spring to arrive in full force this April or reluctantly packing away your winter clothes and ski gear, you can find your perfect vacation getaway this month. Our list of the best places to travel in April includes snow, sand, and lots more. If snow sounds appealing, you might enjoy spring skiing in Aspen. April is a favorite time for many skiers because there’s fresh powder, longer days, warmer weather, and season closing parties. Zurich’s ski mountains are a short drive from the city center, and you can officially say goodbye to winter after a few days in the snow if you visit for the annual spring festival on April 20. Summer arrives early in Clearwater Beach, Florida, and you can enjoy early autumn in Cairns with a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. In southern Italy, the weather is warming, and a trip to Puglia means great food, history, wine, and unique architecture. Porto’s ancient streets, port wine, and the Douro River make Portugal an increasingly popular destination. April holidays in Tel Aviv, along with museums, beaches, and markets, attract visitors to the city’s lively atmosphere. Closer to home, Santa Barbara welcomes travelers to enjoy the outdoors, and in Oklahoma City, midwestern traditions are on display with its annual American Quarter Horse show in April. Boston celebrates Patriots’ Day with a full weekend of activities commemorating the American Revolution, culminating with the famous Boston Marathon. Related:More weekend getaway trip ideas 
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