The passenger stripped down in the aisle.

Spirit Airlines Inc.
Credit: Saul Martinez/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Oakland got quite the show on Saturday when a man stripped off all of his clothes in the middle of the aisle immediately after boarding.

“He removed his clothes and then approached a flight attendant,” Chris Jones, a McCarran Airport spokesperson, told NBC Las Vegas. “Metro officers were called and he was given medical attention.”

According to the Associated Press, the naked passenger was held by authorities and medical staff for observation after what is being described as a “medical episode.”

Thankfully for the other passengers, the flight managed to take off a mere 30 minutes late and arrived in Oakland just 20 minutes after its scheduled arrival, USA Today reported.

As USA Today additionally noted, Spirit may want to rethink both its tagline, “home of the Bare Fare,” and the way it promotes its low-cost services.

In 2014, Spirit created a promotional video series that features several young actors stripping down to their underwear while providing viewers with instructions on how to pack light for to beat Spirit Airline’s baggage fees.