Here's when to see them.
Jupiter rising at Mampodre Glacial Cirque Spain night sky
Credit: Getty Images

Believe it or not, the summer solstice is fast approaching. On Tuesday, June 20 we will officially enter BBQ and beach season in the United States. And it appears even the skies above are excited for the season to arrive.

In June, stargazers will get to experience a spectacular show put on by Jupiter, Saturn and Venus.

According to EarthSky, as the Earth moves around the sun, the position of Earth will cause Saturn and the star Antares to rise about four minutes earlier each day. In just a few weeks, both Saturn and Antares will be ascending in the east as the sun sets in the west.

Your absolute best view of Saturn, according to EarthSky, will be on June 15 as the Earth passes between the planet and the sun. And don’t worry citydwellers, the planet will even be bright enough to spot among the city lights, the Washington Post reported.

As for Venus, the Post noted, the best time to spot the blazing hot planet is right before dawn while taking an early morning stroll throughout the month of June. June 20 to 21 will be particularly good viewing opportunities as the waning crescent moon meets the planet.

But Jupiter may just be the ultimate planet to spot this June. As EarthSky noted, “Saturn does not come close to matching the brilliance of the evening’s brightest planet, Jupiter.” Already, Jupiter rises well before sunset, the Press Herald reported. The planet is high in the southern sky by sunset and will set by 1 a.m. at the end of June, making it a prime target for late evening planet spotting.

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