By Erika Owen
Updated: December 16, 2016

Sometimes, the Internet Gods give us all a little gift, and today's is in the form of a space-bound meat pie.

If that sentence has you thinking, “Now, why didn't I think of that?” well, that's exactly what I've been thinking all day. In an attempt to see if the journey would change the molecular structure of the pie (for example, cook it, freeze it, completely desiccate it), a group of space enthusiasts attached a meat and potato pie from Ultimate Purveyors in St. Helens to a weather balloon and sent it on its merry way, according to the BBC.

The pie was shot into the air from Wigan in northwest England, with the hopes of reaching 100,000 feet. The geniuses behind this go by the company name of Sent Into Space and it turns out they spend a lot of time sending random objects into the stratosphere. They've got a tracking device attached to the pie in order to see exactly how far along it is on its journey.

Wigan Today later reported that the pie reached an altitude of 29 miles before later landing near the Forest of Bowland.

That's not quite space—which NASA marks as 50 miles from Earth—but it's much further than you'd expect a mere pie to travel.