Lyrids meteor shower
Credit: Fatma Selma Kocabas Aydin/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

If you find yourself in the United States on the night of April 21, take some time to check out the Lyrid meteor shower that's going to be lighting up the sky.

This will be the first visible meteor shower since January, according to Up to 20 meteors per hour are expected to be streaking across the night sky. There's a chance this could be an extra-special show as well — the American Meteor Society shares that Lyrid meteors don't often feature long trails, but they can produce fireballs. It's safe to say you don't see many fireballs crossing the horizon (unless you're watching an apocalyptic movie scene, of course).

For the record, a fireball is a meteor that burns incredibly bright as it hits the Earth's atmosphere. It usually only lasts a couple of seconds, but is truly a sight to see.

If you're looking to spot some of the meteors, all you have to do is look up. AccuWeather shares that the meteors will be streaking across the sky in all directions, so you won't need to focus on one specific area of the sky. The best time to see the meteor shower will come after midnight, when the meteor origin area is at its highest point in the sky.

In terms of the best physical location to spot the show, the western side of the United States and the Great Lakes are being treated to clear skies tonight. The East Coast will be shrouded in clouds, making it harder to see the meteors.