We hope their space pizza is literally out of this world.


If you had to spend more than a year in space, what’s the one thing you’d miss the most?

Of course, it would have to be fresh, hot pizza — especially if you're from Italy.

Luckily, an ingenious Italian astronaut on the International Space Station, Paolo Nespoli‏, found the perfect way to soothe his craving for a taste of home. Nespoli told his boss during a live-stream event that he really missed pizza while floating around in space, according to one of his tweets.

In response, his considerate boss (Kirk A. Shireman, manager of the International Space Station) delivered pizza ingredients to the astronauts working up there in orbit. The six crew members, including Nespoli, created a minute-long video of their assembly process to show everyone that you can, in fact, have pizza in space.

Interestingly enough, pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings do not go floating everywhere in the cabin once you open their packages as some cartoons may lead you to believe. The assembly goes particularly smoothly, and the results are quite delicious looking.

We hope their space pizza is literally out of this world.