By Erika Owen
February 08, 2017

If you thought Aaron Rodgers (the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, for the uninitiated) perfected the art of the Hail Mary, you haven't seen Astronaut Tim Kopra in action. He recently completed the world's longest Hail Mary (according to NASA) from the International Space Station—but there is a catch.

Kopra's throw actually only made it about 240 feet before hitting a wall of the space station, but taking the Earth's rotation into account, his toss is actually the equivalent of 1,693,992 feet on the ground. It's a stretch, but there's never been a football game held in space and we don't really have anything to compare it to, now do we?

You can check out the full video from NASA above. It also serves as a great tour of the station, considering Kompra's throw is much more of a gentle push (thanks, zero gravity).