These are so slick, you might even want to wear them here on Earth.

SpaceX Suit Posted by Elon Musk

The future of space travel is looking bright — and very stylish.

Elon Musk has posted the first official photo of his SpaceX space suit on Instagram, saying that more details about the suit will come in the next few days.

Musk said on Instagram that the suit was tested to double vacuum pressure and works well, but it was “incredibly hard to balance esthetics and function.”

Plus, it looks like something out of a Daft Punk music video.

According to The Verge, the suit is meant for astronauts to wear only within the company’s Dragon Capsule, and not outside on spacewalks. The suits will be worn by NASA astronauts when SpaceX starts launching people to and from the International Space Station for the company’s commercial program.

Boeing also has its own design of space suits for astronauts on the ISS, but they’re not nearly as slick and spacey as Musk’s design. They do, however, come in a lovely, bright blue.

Of course, the main priority on the ISS is function, not fashion. But it’s always a perk to see astronauts looking even cooler than usual.