This is the observatory you’re looking for.


Kyriakos Tsolakis Architects, an architectural studio with offices in Nicosia and London, have won the prestigious and exciting challenge of building an astronomical research center on top of a Cyprus mountain. The new observatory will provide NASA with important information about celestial phenomena.

But the new Troodos Observatory isn’t going to be a simple, run-of-the-mill science lab. The observatory's designers drew inspiration from their love of sci-fi.

“Elena and I drew inspiration from sci-fi when drawing up plans for this observatory — I was a ‘Star Wars’ fan growing up,” studio founders Nicodemos K Tsolakis and Elena K Tsolakis told Dezeen. “Of course the client didn't know this when they hired us. They were pretty surprised with where we took it but they love the ideas.”

The beautifully minimal, wedge-shaped space, featuring a with a dome roof at one end, and a cantilevered roof terrace at the other, catches the eye against the natural terrain on Cypress. And looks just like a base in a “Star Wars” movie.

The designers say the observatory is “a foreign object within a very natural organic setting,” and should “inspire and excite anyone who sees it from afar or from up close.”

Built about three-quarters of a mile above sea level in Troodos Geopark, the observatory will contain two telescopes, one for daytime and the other for night, to collect celestial information for NASA between India and the Mediterranean.