By Cailey Rizzo
November 07, 2016
Courtesy of Kaminokousakujo/Spoon & Tamago

Sending postcards home from distant destinations is a time-honored tradition. But as we look forward to the future, we’re thinking of space travel and wondering what a postcard from space might look like.

Well, it would probably look a lot like these charming constellation envelopes.

This whimsical stationery may look normal from the outside, but once the envelopes are opened and held up to the light, the nighttime sky appears to pop out.

Courtesy of Kaminokousakujo/Spoon & Tamago

Designed by a Japanese art student, the magical envelopes are actually fairly straightforward. They are just regular envelopes with black construction paper, which is pierced with the constellations, inside. This sheet of black paper is invisible from the outside, but once the envelope is opened and help up to the light, the cosmos light up and glitter.

Instructions in Japanese and English accompany each envelope so the recipient can unlock the starry magic.

Courtesy of Kaminokousakujo/Spoon & Tamago

The envelopes are meant to remind us that handwritten letters are still valuable and beautiful in an increasingly-technological world.

“Technology is increasingly replacing the need for hand-written letters. And it’s also making the tiny stars in the sky harder to see as cities get brighter,” according to the envelope’s vendors. But sending a thoughtful letter with a secret is meant to help combat this.

The envelope is a beautiful reminder that no matter outside appearances on the things we send home, it’s what’s hidden inside that counts.

Courtesy of Kaminokousakujo/Spoon & Tamago

But a beautiful letter does not come cheap: The envelopes are sold for $12 each.