Sit back and relax in a nice, hot bath.

Tibiao, located in the province of Antique, in the Western Visayas of the Philippines, is famous for its hot kawa baths. The tubs are heated over fires of bamboo, where you sit in the water with fragrant leaves, flowers, and herbs.

Yes, it’s kind of like being boiled in hot soup, but it’s an invigorating hot soup that’s good for the skin.

Luckily, the water is heated so slowly that a person can have time to adjust to the rising temperature, so there’s little risk of being scalded and the water never gets to the point where it’s boiling or dangerously hot.

Instead, the warm waters are soothing for aching muscles, which is excellent considering the area is a popular spot for swimming in the Tibiao River, zip lining, kayaking, mountain climbing, and hiking.

Travelers can stop for the baths at the Kayak Inn, located in Tibiao. The inn offers day trips and tours along the river for travelers to get plenty of adventure in before they relax in the kawa spa.

More information can be found on the Kayak Inn Facebook page.