Bjorbodin Northern Iceland Beer Spa
Credit: Courtesy of Visit North Iceland / Bjórböðin

Now is the best time for beer lovers to hop on a plane to Iceland.

Bjorbodin, Iceland’s first ever beer spa, has officially opened in Árskógssandur, and it’s a paradise for people who have a passion for beer and are looking for a relaxing trip.

As a guest at the beer spa, you soak in a hot tub filled with beer, water, hops, and yeast for 25 minutes. Just let the hops and live yeast bubbles help you unwind.

After the soak, you move into a relaxation room for another 25 minutes. And yes, you can also drink some delicious beer while you’re luxuriating in your rejuvenating beer bath. Each tub comes with a private beer draft, so it’s not recommended to drink your tub water.

Since you’re soaking in an alcoholic beverage, the spa is for adults over 20. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

The spa says yeast does wonders for the body and skin, provided you don’t wash it off immediately after soaking. And if all that beer soaking awakens your appetite, the spa also has a restaurant (probably with plenty of brews).