Never doubt that Czechs take their beer very, very seriously.

By Melissa Locker
November 02, 2015

The country that invented the Pilsner drinks beer (or rather pivo) with lunch, dinner, and sometimes even with breakfast. In fact, Czechs like beer so much that they no longer just drink it—they also soak in it.

At Beer Spa Bernard in Prague, weary travelers can bathe in wooden tubs full of the spa’s trademark “curative mixture with vitamin B” made from Czech hops from the Zatec region. Steep in privacy, sign up for a signature relaxing treatment, or double up with a beer-loving buddy to pour beer on each other—for health purposes, of course.

According to the beer spa’s website, “Beer bath is a proven medical procedure from the Middle Ages.” Considering the tub comes with a built-in tap and the chance to drink unlimited amounts of the brew, patrons may soon find they don’t actually care if the treatment works or not. And after the bath, curl up in a heated bed while your body soaks up all the hoppy nutrients.

As for souvenirs, you get a bottle of Bernard Beer and a certificate of completion to hang on the wall next to your diploma. Perhaps most evocative of your time at the beer spa, you’ll also walk away with a lingering aroma, as the spa recommends not showering for at least 12 hours after soaking “to keep the feeling of rebirth” for as long as possible.

To continue on a beer spa road trip, head from Prague to Chodová Planá, near the German border and close to the town of Pilsen, which lent its name to the brew. The Chodovar Beer Spa invites patrons to soak in a hearty mixture of mineral water, beer, and crushed herbs, warmed to body temperature, or to steep in a blend of curative hops sure to solve troubles as varied as psoriasis, depression, and insomnia.

After letting the beer do its curative work, visitors can tour the Chodovar brewery, which dates back to 1573, spend a night in the hotel, dine in either of the on-site restaurants, and even play a round of mini-golf. On your way out, sign up for the spa’s “drinking cure" to help you recover from your visit.