Here’s the Inside Scoop on the Brand New Spa at the Beverly Hills Hotel

She's got a new *lewk.*

Beverly Hills Hotel Spa Interior
Photo: Courtesy of Beverly Hills Hotel

Like every good Los Angeles Icon of a certain age, The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa took some time away from the limelight to get a little facelift. But don't worry, after seven long months, she's ready for her closeup once again — and man oh man does she look like an A-list starlet.

Over much of 2020, the spa underwent an extensive refurbishment and redesign helmed by the internationally renowned design firm, Champalimaud Design. The team worked hard to preserve the spa's "playful attitude and chic sensibility" it's become so well-known for, while also creating what they called a "more dignified spa experience."

"The fresh and stylishly elegant new Spa at The Beverly Hills Hotel has brought a new, youthful and cheeky personality to the overall hotel experience," Alexandra Champalimaud, founder and president of Champalimaud Design, shared in a statement. "It has been a joy to develop this calming new gem for the hotel and its loyal clientele."

It's a new look and vibe I got to experience first hand after the hotel invited me to come check out the spa's new offerings (tough job, I know).

Walking into the spa, you're immediately hit with the "new" as the team relocated the reception from its former home in the promenade and into the interior for a private check-in experience. Surrounding the reception desk, you'll now find a slew of spa goodies to purchase and take home with you, including some rather chic sunscreens, oils, face rollers, and more.

There are also other "new" elements we can't ignore in the post-pandemic spa-going world. First, guests are informed they must wear their mask at all times, that includes throughout treatments. If guests do not have a mask the spa's reception desk has plenty of Beverly Hills Hotel-approved baby pink ones for you. Next, while filling out the typical spa paperwork guests must also share if they are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms both for their safety and the safety of the practitioners and other guests. But, if you've left your house at all over the last year you won't really find these check-in procedures or rules any different than heading to the grocery store.

Upon check-in, guests are now escorted into a new relaxation room filled with plush furnishings and plenty of magazines to get them in the right mood. From there, they enter one of four treatment rooms for body or facial therapies, or the one duet suite, which can accommodate two guests at the same time.

Beverly Hills Hotel Spa Interior
Courtesy of Beverly Hills Hotel

For those looking for non-body treatments, the spa also now has an updated nail suite, including two pedicure chairs and a manicure area overlooking the hotel's citrus garden. Each of the treatment rooms are now covered in a unique wall covering, custom-designed by Fromental, to "depict the vivid flora & fauna of California" and to mirror the hotel's already much-beloved palm leaf prints.

"We are very much looking forward to providing our guests with an enhanced spa experience reflective of our ultra-luxury standards," says Edward Mady, regional director and general manager. "Alexandra Champalimaud did a wonderful job incorporating the hotel's iconic design scheme in a subtle yet striking way, allowing us to stay internationally relevant with the next generation of spa guests."

For my treatment, I went for the UMA Oil Massage, which is an "Ayurvedic-inspired massage" using UMA Oils from India." As the spa explains on its menu, "This delightful Ayurvedic-inspired massage is enhanced by the UMA Oil blend of your choosing. Benefits include the relief of fatigue, enhanced complexion, and lustrous skin while also promoting sleep and longevity."

Beverly Hills Hotel Spa Interior
Courtesy of Beverly Hills Hotel

Upon entering my room, my practitioner explained she would step out and allow me to unmask and smell each of the four scents to choose my personal favorite. She also explained the brand is beloved by "royals," which immediately meant I was in love. (It's a claim the brand itself makes, and one I believe after sniffing each of the luxurious scents.) Though this isn't the only cool beauty brand you'll get to experience at the spa.

"We have partnered with some of the most incredible brands in skincare, body care, and wellness technology. Each has a unique story about how these brands were founded by incredible women who have sought to elevate wellness in a way that inspires beauty from within," Kristy Whitford, director of spa and retail at The Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows, shares. "Some of our partners include Nature Bisse, Valmont, Phia, LEEF, UMA, Skin Authority, KNESKO, Lady Suite, Kate McLeod, NCLA, DermYoung, Patchology, Vim Vigor, Dazzle Dry, and Salt by Hendrix."

As for other treatments Whitford says you should try, she recommends the Diamond Brightening Facial as "this results-driven facial reveals bright radiant and glowing skin. It is the ideal facial to have before makeup applications and for walking the red carpet."

Following the appointment, guests can head to the locker rooms and take advantage of the steam showers and other spa amenities to help further unwind and decompress. This way, they can leave looking as fresh and youthful as the spa itself.

The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. For further details, booking, and to view the full spa menu, see its website now.

Stacey Leasca is a journalist, photographer, and media professor. Send tips and follow her on Instagram now.

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