By Jennifer Flowers
April 16, 2014

Why does a cooking tool make a great souvenir? Because every time you use it, you relive your trip. Try to guess each item’s place of origin.

1. If you’re a nonna making potato dumplings in this boot-shaped nation, you might employ a macchinetta per gnocchi to create the signature indentations.

2. In the Land of Smiles, sticky rice steamers are used to achieve that tender-yet-chewy goodness; serve the rice with khao soi curry.

3. A must-have tool in an island nation obsessed with green tea? The chasen, or bamboo whisk, for blending the powdered matcha into hot water.

4. A molinillo whips hot chocolate—an Aztec drink invented here 2,000 years ago—to frothy perfection.

5. Clay tagines (pictured) are the secret behind tender lamb stews and fluffy couscous in this North African nation; the pretty one shown here is intended for serving.

6. For Mid-Autumn Festival, locals break out wooden yue bing mo molds to make moon cakes and cookies filled with lotus seed and red bean paste.

7. In this country, coffee is traditionally made by boiling the grounds in a cezve; enjoy a cup after a Bosporus-side meal of kebabs and meze.

8. The small but sturdy pohaku kui ai turns taro roots into creamy poi, a staple in these Pacific islands.

9. You may know this South American country for its coffee, but equally delicious are its hearty bean and rice dishes, made in porous La Chamba pots.

Answers: 1 Italy 2 Thailand 3 Japan 4 Mexico 5 Morocco 6 China 7 Turkey 8 Hawaii 9 Colombia