This Site Connects Solo Travelers Who Are Looking for Someone to Travel and Split Expenses With

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Travel is a wonderful thing, but traveling solo can get lonely — and expensive. Sometimes all you want is a little company as you walk along the Great Wall of China or someone to split costs with when you splurge on a rental car to explore the French countryside.

One travel site is working to fill that need by connecting travelers from all over the world who are planning to travel to the same destination. GAFFL or Get a Friend for Life, connects people based on where and when they’re traveling, so travelers can link up and explore the world together.

GAFFL was started by Akib Amin who was broke in college and wanted to share travel costs to make trips more affordable. He told the website TravelPulse in a Q&A interview that, “Our users are sharing rental cars, Airbnb, etc. They are taking sharing economy one step deeper. We built a tool called ‘Splits’ so that users can split the money on GAFFL before, during or after the trip. Users are saving a lot of money by splitting costs while traveling.”

The site has users from 156 countries who have to pass a multi-step verification process set up to keep travelers safe. Opening an account, starting trips, browsing trips, inviting users to join trips, and adding trips to your wishlist are free, but to join trips users pay $6.99 for a 30 day window where they can join unlimited trips and create unlimited instant connections. Amin clarifies that it’s not a subscription and that “If someone is traveling for a longer time, they can get a value package starting at $20 for six months and $30 for 1 year.”

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