15 Best Trip Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Here are the top travel destinations around the world for solo women.

Solo woman waiting for the metro in Taipei
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Solo travel can be intimidating. Whether you're heading to a city in your own country or across the globe, traveling alone can bring up a wealth of concerns — from the awkwardness of dining solo to more serious issues of safety, especially for women. But despite any nervousness or uncertainty, traveling solo can be one of the most freeing and rewarding experiences, allowing you to immerse yourself in the community and stumble upon those moments of cross-cultural connection organically.

Choosing the right destination is key, so we've rounded up some of the best destinations around the world for women to travel solo.

1. Iceland

Grass- and ice-covered mountain on the water in Iceland
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Between exploring the charming streets of Reykjavik, chasing the northern lights, and driving the famous Ring Road, solo female travelers can have a bucket list kind of trip in Iceland and feel safe doing so. In 2022, the country (once again) snagged the top spot on both the Institute for Economics and Peace's Global Peace Index and the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report, so visitors can rest assured that safety and gender equality are prized in this naturally stunning destination.

Solo tourists can head out into the wilderness via well-traveled (often busy, even) hiking trails and make friends with locals and fellow foreigners alike. The most well-known touring roads, you'll be glad to know, are paved and perfectly safe to drive as a tourist.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Colorful murals in Park Guell overlooking Barcelona
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Barcelona is an extremely walkable city, and you're unlikely to get lost as long as you have a map of some kind. You can window shop along Las Ramblas, stroll down the beach boardwalk, and wander through the Gaudi-designed Park Güell while taking in the gardens and claiming panoramic views of the city for yourself.

The dining options are conducive to solo travel, too. Instead of sitting by your lonesome in a dining room, you can take your paella al fresco at one of the many waterfront restaurants (people-watching is built-in entertainment) or opt for a counter seat at a tapas bar.

3. Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle Monorail passing overhead through downtown
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Thanks to the omnipresence of Seattle's coffee culture, a solo diner (or drinker) is not an uncommon sight. Plus, the city's proliferation of cafes means there's a rest stop around every corner to break up visits to Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, or the campy Museum of Pop Culture, aka "MoPOP." The compact downtown area makes it easy for visitors to zip between attractions, restaurants, and shops on foot — and anything that is slightly farther is accessible by the easy-to-use Link light rail.

4. Munich, Germany

Aerial view of Munich and Olympiapark
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The jolly German mentality shines through in this Bavarian city, where tourists and locals bond over brötchen in mom-and-pop bakeries and pints in the biergartens. Although Oktoberfest happens only in the fall (and does not lend itself to a solo experience, per se), the beer halls in Munich maintain that same kind of festive ambiance throughout the year. Hofbräuhaus is, hands down, the most famous and guaranteed to contain an abundance of other tourists. Fellow travelers can also be found climbing the Olympiapark tower ("Olympiaturm"), the top of which provides views extending as far as the Alps.

5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Fort Lovrijenac overlooking the blue Adriatic Sea
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The rise in Croatian tourism has improved the ease of travel, and the country's low crime rate heightens the appeal. One look at the oceanfront medieval city of Dubrovnik, preserved by 6,365 feet of pristine walls, makes the solo trip worth it. The cobblestone streets guide visitors along artisanal shops and local eateries, while a walk along the wall itself offers spectacular bird's-eye views of the Adriatic coastline. Other great solo activities include visiting the beach just a few minutes away from Old Town. There are plenty of opportunities for kayaking and snorkeling via tours and rentals offered right on the beach.

6. Austin, Texas, United States

6th Street nightlife lit up at dusk in Austin
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Austin's festival culture makes it easy to get pulled in multiple directions, but it's also a great way to meet new people. There's plenty to see and do, whether you're checking out live music or eating your way through Tex-Mex and BBQ restaurants and food trucks. When you need a little quiet time, head downtown for a walking tour, or find a spot to see the Congress Avenue Bridge bats soar.

In terms of safety, Austin is one of the 10 safest metropolitan cities in the U.S., according to a list MoneyGeek compiled using FBI data from 2019. Note, though, that the ubiquity of booze here can be a blessing or a curse. While it keeps the streets populated (and therefore generally safe) at night, alcohol can lead to crime even within tourist circles, so exercise caution while participating in Austin's lively bar scene.

7. Salzburg, Austria

High-angle view over old town Salzburg
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With the Hohensalzburg Fortress overlooking it and the Salzach River running through town, the storybook allure of Mozart's hometown lures a bounty of tranquility-seeking solo travelers. After reliving scenes from "The Sound of Music" at Mirabell Gardens and Nonnberg Abbey, relaxing with a coffee on the terrace of Cafe Tomaselli or a pint in the 1,400-seat outdoor area of Austria's biggest biergarten, Augustiner Bräu, seems essential. Cyclists should take note: While the entire city is walkable, Salzburg is also one of the country's most bike-friendly cities. More than 100 miles of cycle paths means you can pack way more into a day and get around more efficiently (and economically) as a solo traveler.

8. Taipei, Taiwan

People on motorbikes navigating Taipei's busy and illuminated streets

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The capital of Taiwan offers an ideal mix of history and modernity: It's part traditional night markets (the perfect place to make a meal out of snacks while shopping for accessories and souvenirs) and temples, part high-tech buildings and malls. Taipei has the bustle of a major Asian metropolis but with important urban comforts as well. Street signage and public transportation all have names in English — and even though crime is overall low in the country, the metro system has "Safe Waiting Zone" boxes marked on the platforms, which are monitored closely by video feed to protect passengers at night.

9. Copenhagen, Denmark

Colorful houses along a boat-dotted canal in Copenhagen, Denmark
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Copenhagen's quirkiness caters toward parties of one. You'll find plenty of centrally located hotels offering single rooms, each providing the perfect jumping-off point for Danish adventures. Must-visit spots include Nyhavn, the iconic canal lined with multicolored houses (opt for a tour for a closer look at the city's waterways), and Tivoli Gardens, a historic amusement park. Stop for a quick solo bite at the TorvehallerneKBH food hall. With Danish culture valuing the importance of community dining, solo travelers should never feel alone.

10. Melbourne, Australia

Modern buildings in Melbourne's Federation Square glowing at dusk
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This Australian metropolis is one of the most livable cities in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Throw in a free tourist tram that reaches the major sights — including the Queen Victoria Market, Carlton Gardens, and Federation Square — and Melbourne's got simplicity and safety all rolled up in one. Because Australia offers a Working Holiday visa on which tourists can come to work in the country for a year, the city is especially popular among 20-something expats.

11. Stockholm, Sweden

Buildings lining a Stockholm street in fog
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Sweden's safe, accessible cities are ideal for solo-traveling women. The cobblestone streets of Stockholm's Old Town, or Gamla Stan, are home to coffee shops, restaurants, stores, and even a castle, providing hours of endless adventures you can explore on foot. The modern areas surrounding it are also easy to navigate through a string of metro stations, which double as art exhibits with their over-the-top murals, mosaics, and sculptures.

12. Okinawa, Japan

Lush landscape of Zamami Island leading to ocean
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For a taste of Japan without the overwhelming hustle, head to Naha, the capital of the Okinawa islands. The monorail is super accessible, linking the airport to the city center as well as the popular Shuri Castle. And within walking distance of the city center are the Naminoue city beach, Tsuboya pottery district, and Makishi Public Market, where the pull-up-a-chair stands are primed for solo dining.

13. Norway’s Fjords

Fjord cutting between snow-topped mountains in Norway
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There's no better environment for self reflection than the soothing blue-and-green canvas of the Norwegian fjords. In Bergen, you can ride up the Fløibanen funicular or embark on a daylong journey on the Bergen Railway. Head to Gudvangen and take a cruise through Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. Equally impressive as the waterfalls-at-every-glance boat ride is the Flåm Railway trip, with views changing outside the window from seascapes to snow-capped mountains. This trip is for the solo traveler seeking peace in nature rather than busy biergartens and the like.

14. Washington, D.C., United States

Aerial view of the National Mall and United States Capitol
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The manageable size and easy layout of the U.S. capital make it an ideal stomping ground for solo travelers. In addition to exploring the memorials along the National Mall, you can take in the exhibits at the many Smithsonian museums (plus the zoo), all walkable and offering free admission. The hundreds of stations operated by Capital Bikeshare, a bicycle-sharing system, stretch into Arlington, Alexandria, and Montgomery County, as do the numerous stations of the D.C. Metro, making day trips into nearby areas accessible.

15. London, England

London skyline on the river
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For European charm without the culture shock or language barrier, there's London. Visitors could spend days just roaming along the River Thames, winding through the four and a half acres of Harrods department store, snacking in the 1,000-year-old Borough Market, and admiring the eclectic houseboats. After dark, grab a seat alongside locals at a pub or catch a show on the West End, then enjoy a late-night bite in nearby Chinatown. The endless sights and entertainment are easily connected via the 250 miles of the London Underground.

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