Honestly, when you check out this video you will think it is a fake commercial from Saturday Night Live circa 1983. But no, the Snazzy Napper is a real product, an odd cross between a Snuggie and a burkha—and the video is so hilariously bad that it is going viral.

My favorite parts:

0:08 - Flight attendant, is there a sky marshal on this plane?
0:17 - Woman dons Snazzy Napper and leaves her purse in the open for any passing thieves.
0:22 - Woman attempts to block "distracting light" even though her back is to the sun.
0:46 - Hey you, cranky lady, where's your seat belt?!
0:56 - "It's like privacy in a bag!"

Almost as (unintentionally) funny as the video are the YouTube comments from someone named, oddly enough, Snazzy Napper, who writes things like: "There are some parodies out there about the Snazzy Napper, but this is the REAL commercial for a wonderful and REAL product." When a commenter jokes about buying one just because it's so ridiculous, Snazzy Napper feels compelled to reply, "And I'm positive that you will love it!"

Watch the vid and judge for yourself.

Smart Traveler Mark Orwoll is the International Editor of Travel + Leisure.