Record your travels (and capitalize on all that good light) with the best of the season's cameras. Whether you're a convert to digital or a die-hard fan of film, technological advances and lower prices mean there's never been a better time to upgrade.

Toss that bulky camera bag. Kyocera's pocket-friendly Finecam S4 is as big as a deck of cards—smaller than any other four-megapixel camera. Despite its compact size, it has room for a 3x optical zoom lens and pop-up flash. 800/526-0266 or for retailers; $600.

Most new camera models are digital, but film isn't dead yet. Exhibit A: Fujifilm's Zoom Date 1300, a six-ounce point-and-shoot with a 4.6x zoom lens—the most powerful available on a 35mm model. 800/800-3845 or for retailers; $350.

Looking for a simple digital camera?Sony's 2.0 Mega Pixel Cyber-shot DSC-P51 lets you make smaller prints at film quality. With autofocus and multi-pattern metering, it's a winner for beginners. And while many digital cameras can capture only 15 seconds of video, on this one you can film unlimited-duration movies. 888/222-7669 or to buy; $280.

Leicas are famous for their opticalprecision. Now, for the first time, you can get a Leica lens on a digital camera. The Digilux 1 is a four-megapixel model (the best choice for extra-sharp large prints) and has the biggest viewing monitor on the market. 800/222-0118 or for retailers; $895.