You can take it all with you. Here are 12 of our favorite products, scaled down in size and ready to travel.


A spritz of Aveda's Pure-fume Brilliant spray can tame humidity-wild tresses, leave hair sleek and shiny.

Sprinkle some of Aveda's Soothing Aqua Therapy into a hotel tub, and pretend you've taken a trip to the springs at Baden-Baden.

Princess Marcella Borghese's slim B Matte High Performance lipstick has staying power, and fits in anywhere. The shade we like best?Ciao.

Denblan toothpaste from France -- a blend of pineapple and papaya extracts with mint oil -- whitens teeth and leaves breath fresh, not fruity.

Avoid perfume spills (and ruined luggage) with the solid version of Clinique's zingy floral scent, Happy.

For brighter eyes, try a little flash of Estée Lauder's new Goldie Lash mascara, available in a miniature tube.

When skin needs a lift, a few drops of Clarins Double Sérum 38, with botanical extracts and Antarctic seaweed, can help tighten things up.

With Aesop's Purifying Facial Exfoliant Herbs -- a mix of chamomile, licorice, and yarrow extracts -- you can give yourself a great hotel-room facial.

Think of it as confetti for the skin -- Chanel's cool new Crystal Glitter gel can be applied anywhere you want a little extra sparkle.

Don't let the tiny, shiny bottle fool you: Estée Lauder's nail lacquer in Gold Rush is surprisingly subtle.

Pure-fume Brilliant Forming Gel helps control unruly hair -- and has that great spicy-botanical Aveda scent.

Aveda's All-Sensitive moisturizer provides the best of nothing -- no perfume, no allergens; just moisture, pure and simple.