On certain warm nights, the last place we want to be is inside. Give us a good breeze and a view of the stars. Of course, we'll take the comfort of a resort, too—and on St. Lucia, at Ladera (800/738-4752 or 758/459-7323;; doubles from $240), we don't have to sacrifice one for the other. One wall in each room is entirely open and faces the two Piton mountains and the Caribbean beyond. Except for the mosquito net draping the bed, nothing stands between you and the Cinemascope view (don't worry—the layout guarantees complete privacy). In Hawaii, Kaupoa Beach Village at Molokai Ranch & Lodge (808/552-2791 or 877/726-4656;; doubles from $215) consists of 40 "canvas bungalows"—let's just call them furnished tents— with proper queen-sized beds and solar-powered ceiling fans. Side flaps can be opened to the elements or drawn for privacy; fresh-air fanatics might prefer simply dozing off in an outdoor hammock. Best of all, the soundtrack is provided by tropical birds and breeze-stirred trees—not the rattle and hum of an air conditioner.