Save yourself some traffic and get some shuteye.

By Melissa Locker
April 28, 2016
Exterior of the SleepBus
Credit: SleepBus

There's a new way to travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles—and it doesn't require planes, trains, or a HyperLoop.

A new startup company called SleepBus is offering overnight bus trips from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and despite what the name implies, it's not a bus, but a converted tractor trailer filled with beds, as reported by SFist.

The bus leaves San Francisco at 11 p.m. and drives all night while passengers sleep their way down California's I-5 in a private pod bed. It's stocked with fresh linens from chic online mattress retailer Casper and all the necessities for modern travel, including an electrical outlet, free wi-fi, reading lights, free coffee and tea, privacy curtains, and room for as many as three bags and a bicycle. If you don't feel like sleeping, the converted truck has a seating area and a few windows to watch the road roll by. And, yes, there is a restroom. At 7:30 a.m. the bus will park by the Santa Monica Pier and rested passengers can head out on their adventures.

Children under 10 can share a bunk free with their parents, or buy a separate bunk. Soon children will be an additional $15 dollars. People who want to travel with their pets will have to wait a bit while the company works out the details.

Because the company is so new, they are offering an introductory rate of just $48 ($96 round trip) to let people try out sleeping their way to LA. As SFist noted, the California-based startup is not to be confused with the similarly named Australian sleep pod bus, which will hopefully house the homeless. The Australian company has raised nearly nearly $85,000 on GoFundMe to develop the ingenious project.