We admit it—we’re free Wi-Fi junkies. And there’s nothing more galling than having to pony up additional scratch for Internet access at airports and hotels—especially after paying so much just to get into those places. So we’re always happy to see announcements like the one that came to us this morning—that Skype will be offering a free hour of Wi-Fi at participating airports from December 21–27.

Several of the big hubs are covered: NYC-, DC-, and Chicago-area airports, Atlanta, Miami, Denver, and San Francisco, though other important spots like Dallas, Los Angeles, and all other Florida airports are not. (See the full list here. Of course, some airports already have free Wi-Fi—see that list here.) Skype with your family and friends, or just surf the web—when you’ve paid the inevitable holiday-travel surcharge and are dealing with the inevitable holiday-travel delay, a little free Wi-Fi goes a long way.

Rich Beattie is the Executive Digital Editor of Travel + Leisure.