This Map Reveals the Snowiest Ski Resorts in the World (Video)

As a lifelong skier and snowboarder, I can honestly say I have one life regret: I didn’t become a meteorologist.

Trying to figure out where the snow is going to fall each year, if the season is going to be good enough to merit a pricey season pass, and guessing when I should take time off for a ski trip, was becoming a time-consuming mess. Until, that is, I found out about Be Snow Sure.

Be Snow Sure ski resort snow map app
Courtesy of Be Snow Sure

“The most common questions asked when planning a ski holiday are ‘when’s the best time to go? And ‘Which is the best resort to go to,'" Ed Raine, Managing Director at WE ARE SNO, shared in a statement. “The Be Snow Sure tool helps to answer these questions by using 10 years of historical snowfall data from 200 of the world’s best resorts to tell users where they are most likely to have the best snow.”

According to the team, users just need to pop in their intended travel dates and desired regions around the world. Then, the Be Snow Sure map identifies and maps the top 10 resorts that meet their criteria and predicts the kind of conditions that may be present upon arrival.

Be Snow Sure ski resort snow map app showing U.S. and Canada
Courtesy of Be Snow Sure

The tool also feeds in the local school and public holiday data to help users avoid peak travel weeks.

“Over recent years the number of skiers and snowboarders choosing powder oriented holidays has grown significantly,” Raine added. “But, changes in the climate have made great conditions somewhat harder to guarantee. Be Snow Sure aims to help people discover new ski resorts that are likely to get larger amounts of snowfall, reducing the uncertainty and chance od disappointment.”

Be Snow Sure ski resort snow map app showing France
Courtesy of Be Snow Sure

Want to (nearly) guarantee a good run?

According to the team, Mount Baker in Washington state is looking to be the snowiest resort during the Christmas week. It’s anticipating the mountain will see at least 3-4 powder days between December 21 through 27. In Europe, skiers should head to La Rosiere resort in Southern France over winter break as it’s expected to see at least 1-2 powder days as well.

So, I guess I don’t have to go back to school for a science degree after all.

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