You Can Heli-ski in This Remote Corner of Greenland — Just Watch Out for Polar Bears

"East Greenland is one of the least explored places on the planet."

Skiiers walking on to Heli-skiing helicopter
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The air outside is getting crisp, which has us thinking about one thing and one thing only: ski season. And this year, we're dreaming big — like, really big — when it comes to mountain adventures. We're talking about Greenland.

The chilly nation is indeed home to some stellar skiing and snowboarding options and is a particularly excellent place to drop in for a bit of heli-skiing thanks to its treeless landscape and rugged terrain. And Expedition Engineering, an outfitter that has been pioneering heli-ski tours to East Greenland since 2015, is here to help you make the most of it.

The colorful Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit, Scoresbysund, Greenland
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"It's the only heli-ski destination in the world where you need to ski with a gun," says Matt Edwards, lead guide for Expedition Engineering. "Polar bears are sometimes hanging around the pickup points." Don't worry. He's never had to use his Remington .30-06 rifle, but he keeps it handy just in case.

On an Expedition Engineering Trip, Edwards will take you through the vast glacier peaks and ice-filled fjords while flying between the mountain tops, where you may even spot a few locals taking their dog sleds out for a ride.

"East Greenland is one of the least explored places on the planet," the company's itinerary page states. "The terrain choices are as good as you'll find in more popular heli-ski destinations— couloirs, steeps, and spectacular descents with 360-degree views...Heli-skiing here is a true bucket-list adventure for those skiers who have skied everywhere else."

Skiiers walking on to Heli-skiing helicopter
harmphotos/Getty Images

On down days when the helicopter can't fly due to weather (which averages about once per week), local operators from the nearby village are available to take guests out on those aforementioned dog sled rides to keep the adrenaline pumping.

Ombre et lumiAre sur les alpes du Groenland. Shadow and light on the Greenland alps.
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Expedition Engineering's 8-day East Greenland Heli Ski trip takes place from March 11-18, 2022, and includes a helicopter flight from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq, accommodation, meals, ACMG guides, and avalanche safety equipment. The trip begins at €8,500 (about $9,818) per person. See all the details and book here.

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