Undergrounddining—experimentaldinner parties with random strangers—is popping up around Singapore. Three supperclubs that are on the radar: Ping’sIllegal Diners Club run by food consultant focused on healthy eats; lolla’s secretsuppers, hosted by champagne importers; and Social Candy, a network oflike-minded amateur cooks. Locations change with each event and diners sign upvia Facebook. It’s an eye-catching trend in a country that’s such a sticklerfor rules; we’ll see if it goes anywhere.

There’salso been an interesting movement to bring traditional Asian desserts intotrendier settings. The recently opened Dessert Ministry on Orchard Road listsold-school Chinese sweet soups such as white fungus in almond cream, as well asJapanese rice cakes and Western desserts with Asian flavors (black sesame icecream with strawberries). It’s a trend that’s not limited to Singapore:David Thompson’s Nahm in Bangkok has made many a convert to Thai desserts.

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