Meet Anna Bern, my latest object of lifestyle envy. This ex-Vogue and W magazine staffer forsook the urban jungle for Narrowsburg, New York (pop. 414), a tiny hamlet in the Upper Delaware River Valley, and promptly opened a home and accessories boutique called Nest.

I stumbled on the store on a recent trip upstate, and went into a kind of retail frenzy over all the merchandise—exquisite artisan goods and handmade finds sourced by Bern on her twice-yearly trips to her native Brazil. Banana-leaf placemats, straw hats and clutches, beach-ready tunics, plus this sick cowhide chair:

The entire 1,700-square-foot space makes me want to overhaul my entire aesthetic for Bern’s insouciant Ipanema style.

And, Narrowsburg itself has gotten a fair amount of buzz lately; it’s an idyllic little weekend destination in the making.

Irene Edwards is Travel + Leisure's special projects editor.