You won't believe what happened this week in Huesca, Spain.

By Melissa Locker
June 11, 2016
Credit: Angel Villalba/Getty Images

The story of the small Spanish city of Huesca is straight out of a fairytale—it all started this week when a sleepy shepherd dozed off when he was supposed to be minding his flock and the sheep got out, according to the Telegraph. The flock ran wild down Avenida Martínez de Velasco to the town’s center, which sadly wasn’t documented as part of Google’s Sheep View program. When the roving flock hit downtown around 4:30 a.m., concerned citizens called the police, who suddenly had to add sheep herding to their policing duties.

It took two police cars and five officers to round up the sheep, find the delinquent shepherd, and return the sheep to their pen. As the video posted to the Huesca police’s Facebook page shows, the police also had to make sure the massive flock obeyed the city’s traffic rules. It took 45 minutes for the police to get the sheep off the city streets.

The shepherd was supposed to herd the flock along an ancient route, which passes through the Pyrenees near the French border. The sheep-walking trails can be traversed by humans, too—no shepherding skills necessary.