By Melanie Lieberman
December 17, 2013

What better way to pass a Wednesday in Paris than with three of the great European passions—art, pastry, and tea?

Since October, the Shangri-La Paris has been hosting ARTea Time, a curated experience celebrating the city’s most spectacular art exhibitions.

While enjoying a cup of Bentjeman & Barton tea with finger sandwiches and sweets at the famed La Bauhinia restaurant, guests are presented with an art-inspired pastry.

Currently, Chef Francois Perret is honoring George Braque with iced layers of chocolate shortbread, mousse, and biscuit, topped with a miniature painting of Les Oiseaux Noirs, and an opaline blue sugar bird.

ARTea Time also includes a VIP ticket to the exhibit at the Grand Palais, allowing connoisseurs of the Parisian arts (both visual and gastronomic) to sip their tea leisurely and still skip the line.

Braque-themed ARTea Time runs until December 18, and will resume in April with the opening of the Luxembourg Museum’s Joséphine Bonaparte exhibit.

Melanie Lieberman is an editorial intern at Travel + Leisure.