UPDATE: Whether you live in the Deep South, the Midwest or along the East Coast, you're likely to experience severly stormy weather today. According to CNN, 75 million Americans, or a third of the country, are under threat of severe weather, which may include tornadoes, high winds and hail; the Deep South has been the hardest hit, with a powerful spring storm system overtaking Mississippi and Alabama. The risk of severe weather is expected to continue through Wednesday, and may affect Americans living between the Great Lakes and the Gulf Coast, and through the Midwest and the East Coast.

This one falls in the “Are you kidding?” category: Just as East Coasters from New Jersey to Massachusetts are coming back online and picking up the pieces after the ravages of Hurricane Sandy, a nor’easter is threatening to wallop the same area this Wednesday or Thursday. Named for the direction the storm travels, this type of weather typically has many of the same characteristics as a hurricane—fierce winds, heavy rains or snow, and—brace yourselves (again) coastal residents—tidal flooding.

While this new storm is not expected to be pack the same intensity as Sandy, it is worth watching—especially in the Carolinas. Whether you live in its projected path, are planning a trip East, or just want to have smart weather forecasts in your pocket, there are five Webby Award-winning apps that should be on your Doppler radar:

Dark Sky – Up-to-the-minute precipitation forecasts to make planning easier. Dark Sky's creators recently released Forecast, an online weather service that displays animated global forecasts. ($3.99)

Ultraweather – For the data-challenged, this visual-driven app uses Instagram photos to illustrate weather forecasts. (Free)

VooDoo Skies – Great for comparing current forecasts with past weather patterns and historical data. (Free)

WeatherPro – Pulling data from over 2 million sources worldwide, this app has hyper- detailed local weather reports. (Prices vary by platform.)

Wundermap – A terrific map-based forecast tool from the forecast gurus at Weather Underground. (Free)

For more weather apps, go here.

Adrien Glover is the deputy digital editor at Travel + Leisure.