Kasey Stewart and Julie Travel All 7 Continents
Credit: Courtesy of Kasey Stewart

Two former reality TV show contestants will put their stamina to the test next week, when they attempt to set the world record for “fastest time to travel to all seven continents.”

On Wednesday, December 13, Kasey Stewart and Julie Berry will board a flight out of Sydney, Australia. They won’t stop jetting around the world until 72 hours later when, if all goes according to plan, they’ll arrive in Antarctica.

Stewart, 34, and Berry, 36, have “spent hundreds of hours” planning their upcoming trip, Stewart told Travel + Leisure. Although they’ve both spent the past few years traveling solo around the world, this world record-setting trip will push the travelers to the extreme.

Last year, after stepping foot in Antarctica, Stewart achieved his lifelong goal of traveling to all seven continents. “As a little kid, I always wanted to go to all seven continents because I thought you would have seen or touched the corners of the earth and gotten a taste of all the different regions,” Stewart told T+L. “After I did that last December, I felt like I had barely scratched the surface.”

“It took me 33 years to touch all seven continents,” Stewart said. “I wanted to know how fast could I do it now.”

So he began planning his most extreme trip to date: a record-setting whirlwind around the globe. And when it came time to choose a companion for the trip, Stewart wanted a well-seasoned traveler with a good spirit.

“This isn’t a project that just anybody could jump in and do,” Stewart said. “So much is unknown in the layovers. I knew I wanted to have Julie come along with me.”

Kasey Stewart and Julie Travel All 7 Continents
Credit: Courtesy of Kasey Stewart

The duo met while traveling in New Zealand last year and became friends while parking cars at a Bonnie Tyler concert. They discovered that they had similar travel goals, mutual friends and a shared history as former contestants on reality TV shows (Berry was on “Survivor” and Stewart was on “The Bachelorette”).

Although they traveled in different directions after they met, the two kept in touch via social media and eventually made plans to set a Guinness World Record together. If they are successful, they will be the first to people to set the Guinness World Record of “Fastest time to travel to all seven continents.”

“The current minimum to beat is 5 days,” a spokesperson for Guinness World Records told T+L. “This amount was determined after extensive research by our Records Management Team.”

Guinness mandates that the pair must keep excellent records throughout the entire experience. Not only will they carry a GPS tracker at all times, they must keep a logbook describing the itinerary in detail. They must also have a witness verification log, asking one local person to sign and date as proof of their route.

Although Guinness does not have any minimum requirements for how much time contestants must spend on the ground in each country, they must step out of the plane, even if only to the airport.

From Sydney, the duo will fly to Dubai. During their short layover, they will spend two hours on a driving tour of the city’s landmarks. From there, it’s a four-hour flight to Cairo, where they will attempt to see the Pyramids of Giza before returning to the airport. Another four-hour and 40-minute flight will land the contestants in Frankfurt, where they will sample local food, beer and wine.

The next flight will cross the Atlantic to Toronto, where they will view the cityscape from the CN Tower. Then it’s down to Santiago. When the plane touches down, it will be Berry’s 37th birthday and first time to South America. They will continue down to Punta Arenas, where they will pick up supplies and clothing for Antarctica, before boarding their final flight.

If all goes according to plan, they will land in Antarctica on the morning of December 16 after having spent about 50 hours inside of airplanes and 22 hours running to and from airports.

The 7in72 journey was born out of a desire for the travelers to push themselves while inspiring other people.

“The face value of 7in72 is the thrill and adventure of breaking a Guinness world record while embarking on an epic travel adventure,” Berry told T+L. “My motivation behind going on 7in72 runs deeper, to keep pushing myself to follow an inspirational path in life. If I’m inspired and living my truth, that will ideally motivate others to do the same, whatever that might look like in their own lives.”

While Stewart has already been to all seven continents, this trip will be Berry’s first time to South America and Antarctica. “Traveling to Antarctica via Quark Expeditions is a once-in-a-lifetime event for me and I want to gather as many of those adventures as I can in this lifetime,” she said.

They will remain in Antarctica for one week on a Quark Expeditions (one of their sponsors) trip before returning to their nomadic lives.

Stay updated with the journey live starting December 13 on Stewart’s and Berry’s Instagram accounts, and their website.