Southwest Airlines is known for making travel days a little bit easier.
Southwest Airlines plane.
Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Southwest Airlines is known for having a pretty fun crew of employees. From hosting karaoke sessions at the gate to delivering landing instructions straight from the Looney Tunes, they know how to turn a hum-drum day of travel into a memory. The most recent feel-good move comes from a crew in Orlando.

A WWII veteran turned 101 on June 12 and the crew and fellow travelers on his flight from Orlando honored the momentous day by serenading him with "Happy Birthday." The lights in the airplane cabin were turned off and passengers turned on their seat lights to recognize his special day and service.

Twitter user @WaldronSamantha shared a video of the vet’s reaction, which was all smiles.

The war veteran was never identified in the video. Southwest jumped in on the social feedback: “We treat our customers like family, and we're so glad we were able to celebrate this milestone! Thanks for sharing, Samantha! -Alec.” If only all flights could be this joyous.

If you’re looking to celebrate someone’s birthday — or any special occasion — on an upcoming Southwest Airlines flight, you can add a note while booking your flight. You can also reach out to the company over social media with any requests.