Score one for the power of travel. Today, the U.S. Senate passedthe Travel Promotion Act, a piece of legislation that could attract some 1.6 million new visitors tothe U.S. Oh, and did we mention that it could also bring in an estimated $4 billion(that’s $4 BILLION) in annual foreignspending and create 40,000 new American jobs in its first year?

Here in the T+L offices we’re cheering the news. After all,nearly every developed nation has a program to promote itself abroad, so it’sabout time the U.S. got on board.

How does it work? The TPA would create an annual budget ofup to $200 million—funded through private-sector contributions and a$10 fee on some foreign visitors—to encourage overseas travelers to come explore America (a placewe’re pretty keen on). This would of course be a welcome boost for U.S. travel businessesand the American image. But we also love that it would spur more people toexperience the power of travel—a concept that’s in the DNA of T+L and everyonewho works here.

So let’s get this passed. The TPA now goes to the House, soplease—please!—push your representative to vote yes (the House version is H.R. 2935). If you don't know your rep, click here.