After a flurry of security breaches and a healthy public outcry over the holidays, travelers with iPhones can give the Transportation Security Administration a piece of their minds. The tech company On the Spot Systems, Inc. announced a new iPhone application that allows flyers to rate airport security screening via a TSA survey.

Originally created to capture reviews for restaurants, hotels, and services, Survey on the Spot’s first phone application rolled out in November 2009. Now is shaping up to be the perfect time for the feedback interface to include airport security in its fold.

The free program uses the iphone’s GPS system to choose the appropriate airport, allowing frustrated (or pleased!) nomads to send comments and photos to the government agency. Though optimized for the iphone, Blackberry and Android users may access the survey from their mobile browser at

The application aims to increase security rather than provide an outlet for the curmudgeonly but there may not be a way to vet the two. Suggestions collected thus far have ranged from short and snide: “Profile passengers” (from DEN) to lengthy and legitimate: “Security line was wrapped around three times and took 40+ minutes to clear (almost making me miss my flight), yet there was only one magnetometer and 1-2 (it varied) x-ray machines running. There were also a number of TSA employees who appeared to be standing around doing nothing…” (from LAX)

If nothing else, the survey provides a safe and TSA-approved means of venting. Here’s hoping they have the resources to read it all.

Charlotte Savino is the online listings editor at Travel + Leisure.