We recently took a spellbinding 90-minute tour of Chelsea with David Behringer, founder of The Two Percent Gallery Tours (917/727-7687; $200 with a private group of three or less). The focus was his five favorite exhibitions—a godsend for art-world rookies—but also included some little-known facts about the area (for example: did you know 19th-street is filled with starchitecture by everyone from Frank Gehry to Jean Nouvel? And that the Oreo cookie was born in Chelsea market in 1912?). For more Behringer's favorite gallery stops, check out this Weekend Getaway. Here are some of the gallery highlights:

Douglas Gordon @ Gagosian Gallery
522 W 21st St.; through Oct 13
*Don't miss the 3-screen film of a flame-engulfed piano.

Leonardo Drew @ Sikkema Jenkins Gallery
530 W 22nd St.; through Oct 12
It took Drew a month to construct his maze-like exhibition from thousands of wood scraps. Along the way you'll stumble upon towering pieces like this. Don't poke your eye out (seriously).

Jeff Shore & Jon Fisher @ Derek Eller Gallery
615 W 27th St.; through Oct. 6
Tiny "sets" are mounted to the walls with robotic miniature cameras—all generating an incredible 10-minute film LIVE on the walls. All you have to is prepare yourself.... and push the red button.

Jackson Pollock & Tony Smith @ Matthew Marks Gallery
502 W 22nd St.; through Oct. 27
Pollock like you've never seen him before: in 3D! In this small quiet gallery, see what may be Pollock's final works: sculpture... created just weeks before his death in 1956. The show also includes small scale Tony Smith sculptures, whose large scale sculptures can be seen a few doors down at 522 W. 22nd (can't miss it).

Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe @ Marlborough Chelsea Gallery
545 West 25th St.; through Oct. 27
An entire house within a gallery. Explore this multi-level strange maze of rooms by walking between holes broken in the walls (you enter through the shower). It's the coolest thing in the neighborhood.

Look for our Secrets of Chelsea coming soon in our new Weekend Getaways section.

By Travel + Leisure and Travel + Leisure Staff