Vintage finds are where it’s at when shopping San Pedro Telmo’s flea market.
Credit: Javier Pierini

Vintage reigns supreme at this 41-year-old Sunday flea. Here, 260 vendors on Plaza Dorrego sell early-20th-century clothing and memorabilia once used by B.A.’s beau monde.

Dealer Elba Rivas (No. 195) has an eye for accessories (croc clutches from the 1960’s; mink capes) that would be perfect for your next Mad Men–themed party.

For a mix of Argentinean memorabilia—tins, jars, silver, comics, posters, even cosmetics—used in the early 20th century, head to Eclipse Collectibles (No. 201).

Carlos Olivares and Ricardo Martín (No. 205) have created a glitzy shrine to retro Asian rarities. Look for ceremonial Tibetan silver necklaces and embroidered Mao posters from the 1960’s.

You can dig up tiny treasures such as circa-1952 stamps with Eva Perón’s face or the first Argentinean coin (from 1813) at Roberto Manoukian (No. 71).

Browsing the vintage toys displayed by Federico Casaretto (No. 9) feels like rummaging through your grandpa’s attic—that is, if Grandpa hoarded lead soldiers and trains that date back to early-1900’s Europe.

Spanish art dealer María Lourdes Janeiro (No. 41) has compiled a vast collection of paintings from Cuzco—and an impressive client list that includes Madonna.

Glass seltzer-water siphons were a must-have on every Argentinean dining table from 1910 through the 1960’s. Sifonazo (No. 105) stocks more than 200 of them in a range of vibrant colors.

T+L Tips

Download a free audio tour of San Pedro Telmo market from the city’s tourism site. Renowned Argentine artists such as singer Edmundo Rivero will guide you—in English—with input on where and when to go.

Don’t be confused—there is another, older San Telmo Market (961 Defensa). It’s housed in a Belle Époque building a couple of blocks away, and has dead-stock clothing and Midcentury furniture.

For some of the best steak in town (plus spicy chorizo and buttery veal sweetbreads), head to La Brigada (465 Estados Unidos; 54-11/4361-5557; dinner for two $58), nearby.