Whether mined from deep inside the earth or skimmed from the surface of the sea, salt brings the flavor of a place home with you. Matt Lee and Ted Lee serve up eight of the finest, from Hawaii to the Himalayas

Murray River Pink Salt Melt-in-your-mouth crystals, from the waters of the continent’s largest river, have an appetizing mineral tang and a pale apricot hue. 800/596-0885; www.chefshop.com; $8 for 4 oz.

Le Trésor Fumée de Sel Chardonnay Fragrant and appealingly crunchy, these sand-colored crystals are smoked over retired Chardonnay-aging barrels. 408/354-8281; www.gourmetsleuth.com; $20 for 7.4 oz.

Viking-Smoked Sea Salt Deeply peaty, luminous brown grains are imbued with a wood-smoked flavor. 800/641-7258; www.salttraders.com; $24 for 4 oz.

Kala Namak Black Salt Powdery, pinkish-black salt has an eggy taste prized in Indian snacks called chaat. 562/468-0149; www.faeriesfinest.com; $9 for 9.5 oz.

Mountain Spring Pink Salt Blushing-pink, variegated grains deliver an assertive saltiness and notes of citrus. 800/353-7258; www.artisansalt.com; $15 for 6.5 oz.

Red Alaea Salt This sea salt gets its hue—ranging from orange to dark burgundy—from clay that lines the tidal pools where it is harvested. 800/522-8505; www.nirmalaskitchen.com; $11 for 4 oz.

Himalania Pink Salt Pebbly, coarse grains of this rose-speckled crystal are taken from a 25-million-year-old Jurassic-era seabed in the Himalayas. 800/353-7258; www.saltworks.us; $12 for 12.8 oz.

Big Tree Farms Coarse Kechil Crisp, glittering, pyramid-shaped crystals are panned on black-sand beaches from Indian Ocean seawater. 877/446-8763; www.igourmet.com; $7 for 8.5 oz.

By Matt Lee and Ted Lee