African Elephant Zimbabwe
Credit: DEA / G.SIOEN/De Agostini/Getty Images

A big game hunter was crushed to death by a fatally wounded elephant while on safari in Zimbabwe last week.

Theunis Botha was a 51-year-old big game hunter who led hunts in southern Africa. He was leading a group through Good Luck Farm near Hwange National Park on May 19 when they accidentally wandered upon a breeding herd of elephants, according to South African news outlet Netwerk24.

Three of the elephants began charging the group when Botha fired a shot. The hunters opened fire on the herd until a fourth elephant surprised the group. It charged from the side and picked Botha up with its trunk. Another hunter shot the elephant who then collapsed onto Botha. Both hunter and animal died upon the fall.

Botha is credited with bringing the traditional European “Monteria hunt” to southern Africa. This style of hunting relies on a pack of dogs to drive deer and boar towards hunters. Botha used his packs of dogs to specialize in hunting leopards.

Botha ran the hunting company Game Hounds Safaris, which would take wealthy foreigners on hunts for leopards and lions through Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. He was known for traveling to the U.S. to recruit luxury travelers for his trips.