This New Safari Lodge In South Africa Is Big on Design and Even Bigger on Conservation

The Homestead is changing the idea of the safari lodge.

Having a safari experience is on the majority of avid travelers' bucket lists — and with so many outfitters to choose from it's hard to narrow it down. But if you are searching for an adventure that combines luxury, sustainability, and local curation, look no further than The Homestead.

Opening in early 2022, this eco-luxury lodge is located in the scenic Nambiti Private Game Reserve in South Africa. The reserve is considered to have one of South Africa's most ambitious conservation efforts. Plus, it's one of the few wildlife parks where visitors will be able to experience the Big Five: lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants, and rhinos.

The interior of The Homestead
Courtesy of The Homestead

The Homestead will debut with 12 luxury lodges, half of which are designed specifically for couples and solo travelers who are looking for more of a private experience. The property will also have a world-class spa, fitness center, and individual infinity pools for the couple/solo lodges or private gardens at the group lodges, attached to the dwellings.

A bedroom at The Homestead
Courtesy of The Homestead

Guests are meant to feel a "greater purpose" interwoven during their stay. With customized excursions such as visits to Africa's most important battlefields to animal photography classes, hiking through diverse habitats, mind-blowing stargazing, and anti-poaching learning sessions, will help guests have a greater understanding about their role in the world.

Relaxing are at The Homestead
Courtesy of The Homestead

"The Homestead was born in a moment where we witnessed the impact we can make in the people and places around us. This was the genesis of The Homestead, and it is still at the centre of our ethos today" said Wayne Scholes, CEO of Really Epic Dog and owner of the lodge. "Our surrounding wildlife is extraordinary and our aim is to invite guests to be a part of the experience and recognise the power we all have to affect the people and places around us. The land holds a special meaning and significance to me personally and I couldn't be prouder of what we are doing."

A living area at The Homestead
Courtesy of The Homestead

With sustainability at the heart of the lodge, The Homestead will be one of the first to introduce safari excursions in completely electric vehicles. Other initiatives such an all-grass roof that is using the same grass from the nearby grasslands, rainwater tanks, tree-planting, and use of solar panels will also be implemented.

A terrace at The Homestead
Courtesy of The Homestead

Future guests will be able to make reservations in autumn 2021 with prices starting at $3,500/person/night.

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