This RV Company Will Pay for Your Gas to Help You Save on Summer Road Trips

RVshare is offering gas gift cards to anyone who books an RV for travel through Aug. 15.

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The price of gas continues to rise, but one company doesn't want that to prevent travelers from renting an RV and hitting the road this summer.

That's why RVshare, a peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, is giving away up to $500,000 in gas gift cards ahead of the Fourth of July holiday weekend, the company shared with Travel + Leisure.

"The pledge to pay for renters' gas is coming at a crucial time for consumers as summer travel is ramping up and prices remain inflated," RVshare's CEO Jon Gray said in a statement provided to T+L. "The RV travel boom is pressing on and RVshare wants to help alleviate some concerns that renters might have this summer."

To apply for a gas reimbursement, travelers must book a trip with the company through Aug. 15 and fill out a form within seven days of their rental completion date. The gas promotion is available to travelers who are making a new reservation as well as those who have an existing one.

Travelers who book a trip for five days or less will receive $25, while travelers who book a trip for six days or more will receive $50, according to the company. And there is no minimum mileage required.

The decision to reimburse renter's gas costs comes as the price at the pump rises to more than $5 per gallon on average nationwide, an all-time high, according to AAA. That's even higher in California, where an average gallon of gas costs more than $6.

In fact, the price of gas is affecting more than just road trips, also significantly impacting the cost of flights . And while RVshare found 68% of customers surveyed in a recent study said they are very likely to take a road trip this summer, 58% will still factor gas prices into their plans.

"We are seeing the average distance traveled is down compared to last year, but it is a reminder that you don't have to go far to enjoy the great outdoors," Gray said.

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