By Andrea Bennett
March 31, 2014

What combines Ricky Ricardo, whirling dervishes, and electronica? The Cosmopolitan’s avant-garde new nightlife mash-up.

Entertainment options in Sin City are as limitless as the house’s luck. But they can feel “prescriptive,” as John Unwin, CEO of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, puts it: dinner and a show, followed by some blackjack or an evening out at a club. Unwin’s hotel is defying tradition with a few-holds-barred “social experiment” called Rose. Rabbit. Lie. T+L breaks it down.

The Concept: Think Club Babalu meets The Ed Sullivan Show meets Circus Maximus: a new nightclub genre that is, at once, improvised theater, musical performance, and grand banquet. Masterminded by production company Spiegelworld, Vegas Nocturne (the main event) brings together 40 performers from around the globe.

What to Expect: At any given time, the following might be happening in one of the space’s 10 rooms: tap-dancing twins hopping from a dining table to a rotating stage; a contortionist shooting a crossbow with her feet; acrobats swimming in a glass diving bell.

Eat and Drink: Bottle service? So 2000’s! Here, champagne cascades down a tower made of 350 coupes, while tableside mixologists pour cocktails over giant ice cubes. Diners feast on dramatic dishes such as whole Alaskan king crab and liquid-nitrogen ice cream served from a trolley.

The Rules: There are no rules, says Spiegelworld’s Ross Mollison, “within the boundaries of publicly acceptable behavior.”