51 Most Romantic Places in the U.S.

Here are some of the most romantic places to visit in each U.S. state and Washington, D.C.

Aerial shot of Griffith observatory

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Whether you're planning a romantic day trip closer to home or hoping to book a weekend getaway in a new locale, we went from coast to coast to find 51 of the most romantic places around the U.S. These spots offer something special for every type of couple and interest — scenic state parks with beautiful proposal-worthy backdrops, romantic urban escapes for those looking to enjoy city sights, quirky attractions sure to create lifelong memories for the two of you, and, of course, a few castles for couples swept up in their own little fairytale.

And hey, even if there isn't a special someone to take on a trip this year, in the words of Oscar Wilde, "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance." Here are 51 romantic places to visit in each U.S. state and Washington, D.C. .

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Alabama: Cheaha State Park

Romantic Spots in Every State

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The highest point in all of Alabama is inside Cheaha State Park, an exquisitely tranquil spot with plenty of hidden nooks and crannies to explore. For more adventurous couples, there are opportunities for fishing, mining gems, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, and geocaching.

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Alaska: Mendenhall Ice Caves

Romantic Spots in Every State

Perspectives / Getty Images

Alaska's Mendenhall Ice Caves provide a perfect romantic adventure for couples who thrive on dealing with a bit of danger. The caves glow a breathtaking blue that visitors often describe as "otherworldly." Bear in mind that these caves are rapidly melting due to climate change, so your romance may end up outliving them.

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Arizona: Emerald Cave

Romantic Spots in Every State
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Black Canyon, best explored by kayak, is home to a hidden cave where the water inside glows a brilliant green. It makes for a magical and memorable photo opportunity, and is especially perfect for couples who want to share a tandem kayak.

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Arkansas: Whitaker Point

Romantic Spots in Every State

benjaminjk / iStockphoto / Getty Images

This perilous rock, located deep in the Ozarks, is one of Arkansas's most-photographed sites. The rock, also named Hawksbill Crag for its shape, lets visitors (quite literally) live on the edge, creating a fantastic backdrop for anyone planning a sweeping declaration of their love.

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California: Griffith Observatory

View of Griffith Observatory

Tobiah Lui/Travel + Leisure

Relive old Hollywood glamor at Griffith Observatory. Since playing host to that iconic scene from "Rebel Without a Cause," as well as a number of romantic moments in "La La Land," the Los Angeles observatory has become a symbol of SoCal love. For those more into the outdoors than the cinema, the hike up to the observatory provides fantastic views of Los Angeles.

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Colorado: Bishop Castle

Romantic Spots in Every State

Olga Kolos / Alamy

When you're in love, it feels like there's nothing you can't do — even construct the country's largest self-built castle. Jim Bishop spent 60 years building this 16-story fortress, which he started building when he and his wife needed a place to live. Today, it's become a unique tourist attraction as well as a stunning personal feat.

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Connecticut: Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse

Romantic Spots in Every State
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The Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse is consistently named one of the most charming lighthouses on the Connecticut coast. Opened in 1886, it still operates, although it is now privately owned. The best way to see it is by renting a boat for two and rowing out into the Connecticut River.

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Delaware: Rehoboth Beach

Romantic Spots in Every State

LightRocket / Getty Images

Rehoboth Beach is a stellar spot to visit in summer, fall, winter, and spring because there's never really a bad time of year for a stroll along the sand. The beach has also become a popular LGBTQ+ destination, making it a truly romantic getaway for everyone.

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Florida: Downtown St. Augustine

Historic building built in 1887 in downtown St. Augustine, Florida

traveler1116/Getty Images

Golden-sand beaches, hundreds of years of history, and great year-round weather make St. Augustine a popular destination among Floridians and tourists alike. The historic downtown is packed with restaurants, bars, and shops, making it an ideal place for a date night. 

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Georgia: Savannah's River Street

Savannah's River Street a night

Ivey Redding/Travel + Leisure

Couples looking for an urban escape can take a romantic stroll along Savannah's River Street. The historic waterfront path is constructed from cobblestones that are more than 200 years old, while the street itself is chock-full of cute restaurants, bars, galleries, and shops, all offering spectacular views of the Savannah River and docking cargo ships.

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Hawaii: Pu‘upehe (Sweetheart Rock)

Romantic Spots in Every State

Perpectives / Getty Images

Located on the Hawaiian island of Lānaʻi, Pu‘upehe (also known as Sweetheart Rock) may be right up your alley if you're into romantic (and somewhat depressing) stories about star-crossed lovers. While their tale ultimately ended in tragedy, you can write a new love story of your own as you watch the sunset here with your partner.

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Idaho: Sun Valley

Romantic Spots in Every State

Doug Steakley / Lonely Planet Images / Getty Images

Idaho's Sun Valley ski resort was made famous by Ernest Hemingway, who lived at the Sun Valley Lodge while he penned most of "For Whom the Bell Tolls," among other popular writings. Sun Valley is a year-round destination for adventurous couples, with horseback riding, fly fishing, skiing at the world-class ski resort, and a tiny mountain town that's filled with art galleries, restaurants, and boutiques.

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Illinois: Nicholas Conservatory

Romantic Spots in Every State

Jess Fox / Courtesy of Rockford Park District

Couples who appreciate nature but don't necessarily want to venture outside when it's cold can find romance in a greenhouse. The Nicholas Conservatory in Rockford, Illinois, is a perfect indoor escape, with butterflies, orchids, and contemporary art installations.

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Indiana: The Kissing Bridge

Romantic Spots in Every State

iStockphoto / Getty Images

Parke County calls itself the "Covered Bridge Capital" of the United States, but the most romantic of the county's dozens of bridges is the "Kissing Bridge" at Valparaiso University. It's also called the "Student Bridge" because, according to local lore, good luck will befall couples who kiss on the bridge at midnight while a late-night freight train passes below. The bridge you'll see today is actually a piece of a larger bridge that was torn down in the 1960s, though its legendary reputation is still honored and treasured by visitors and students alike.

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Iowa: Pikes Peak State Park

Romantic Spots in Every State

Panoramic Images / Getty Images

Stand on the edge of the world at a dramatic bluff overlooking the Mississippi River with a 500-foot drop. Thrill-seeking couples can venture to the wooden boardwalk that leads down to the park's Bridal Veil Falls, an appropriate venue for engaged couples. Pikes Peak State Park also features archaeological sites, bike trails, and overnight camping spots.

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Kansas: Monument Rocks

Romantic Spots in Every State

Peeter Viisimaa / iStockphoto / Getty Images

For those in awe of the power of love, compare your relationship to Kansas's impressive Monument Rocks. The chalk monoliths — sometimes called "a natural Stonehenge" — seem to rise out of nowhere and have stood the test of time for more than 80 million years.

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Kentucky: Cumberland Falls

Romantic Spots in Every State
Getty Images

It's time for lovers to visit "The Niagara Falls of the South." Cumberland Falls is home to one very unique natural phenomenon called a moonbow. Couples who visit the park at night can spot a fantastic lunar rainbow spread across the falls, which only adds to the area's innate romanticism.

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Louisiana: New Orleans City Park

Romantic Spots in Every State

Matthew D. White / Getty Images

History-loving couples can step back in time in New Orleans. While in town, spend a day outside the French Quarter and its usual sites and attractions and check out City Park. Step off the beaten path and get lost together — just be sure to eventually wander over to the rows of old oak trees and the park's picturesque stone bridge. City Park is also where you'll find the New Orleans Museum of Art and the New Orleans Botanical Garden, which are definitely worth a look and offer more opportunities for romantic strolls.

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Maine: Isle au Haut

Romantic Spots in Every State

zrfphoto / iStockphoto / Getty Images

For couples who want to spend time with each other and only each other, escape to one of Maine's most secluded islands. Isle au Haut has a total population of under 100 people and requires visitors to ferry over on a mailboat. About half the island consists of national park land, while the other half belongs to the community, complete with a few charming bed-and-breakfasts.

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Maryland: Assateague Island National Seashore

Three Assateague pony mares walking along the surf at the Assateague Island National Seashore beach

Joesboy/Getty Images

If you’re looking for a little peace and privacy in a beautiful oceanfront setting, head to Assateague Island National Seashore, an NPS-managed barrier island park. The seashore, split between Maryland and Virginia, is home to wild horses that you can spot from a safe distance.

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Massachusetts: Boston's Public Garden

View of flowers and statue in Boston Public Gardens

Violet Smirnova/Travel + Leisure

In the heart of the state's capital city of Boston, the Victorian-style Public Garden is the perfect place for a romantic stroll, bike ride, or picnic when the weather is warm in spring or summertime. You'll see swans, both the bird and the pedal boat iteration, and plenty of scenery on the site that was established in 1837 as the first public botanical garden in the U.S. Just next door, Boston Common, which dates back even further to 1634 and is known for being the nation's oldest city park, is another beautiful spot if you desire a day together outdoors.

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Michigan: Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Beach or Marram Grass at Sunset on Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan.

Ed Reschke/Getty Images

Explore the great outdoors with your partner at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, this NPS-operated site offers outdoor activities such as snowshoeing and sledding in the winter and hiking and swimming during the summer.

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Minnesota: Split Rock Lighthouse

The most romantic spot in each state.

MYDinga / Getty Images

The coastline along Lake Superior was once called "the most dangerous piece of water in the world" by novelist James Oliver Curwood — in 1905, one single storm along the rocky coast caused 29 shipwrecks. After that, Congress paid for a lighthouse and fog signal, which came to be known as the Split Rock Lighthouse. The state park it's part of also offers visitors opportunities for cross-country skiing, beachside walks, and taking in impressive views of the lake.

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Mississippi: Natchez Trace Parkway

Road down the Natchez Trace Parkway in fall

Pgiam/Getty Images

This 444-mile road passes through Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, but you don’t have to traverse the entire parkway to enjoy its historic path. A short drive through part of the Mississippi section of the parkway makes for a perfect date. Plan your drive for the fall to enjoy beautiful foliage views. 

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Missouri: Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Romantic Spots in Every State

iStockphoto / Getty Images

Ha Ha Tonka is one of Missouri's most fascinating state parks, with the stone ruins of a castle that was built on top of a bluff by a local businessman in 1905. He died the following year in one of the state's first automobile crashes, but left behind an impressive spot of land, complete with natural bridges, caves, and a scenic lake, for all to enjoy.

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Montana: Lake McDonald

Romantic Spots in Every State

Jordan Siemens / Getty Images

Your love deserves a trip to Glacier National Park's Lake McDonald, where below the surface of the water, unique and vibrantly colored pebbles create a walkable mosaic. The lake's beautifully colored rocks were formed by glaciers, as were many of the impressive cliffs and waterfalls nearby.

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Nebraska: Valentine National Wildlife Refuge

Romantic Spots in Every State

SharonDay / iStockphoto / Getty Images

Spend Valentine's Day (or any other romantically meaningful day) in Valentine, Nebraska, where town officials have taken its name to heart. Besides the plethora of heart-shaped memorabilia you'll find throughout the town, there's also an impressive National Wildlife Refuge that spreads over 70,000 acres. Designated by the Audubon Society as an "Important Bird Area," it makes a perfect destination for romantic, outdoorsy couples.

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Nevada: Tonopah

Romantic Spots in Every State

jeremyborkat / iStockphoto / Getty Images

Spend the night counting the stars together in one of the darkest spots in the country. Tonopah is located halfway between Reno and Las Vegas and is completely rooted in old-school Western tradition. Couples who love a healthy dose of fear can also book a stay at the town's creepy Clown Motel, where a collection of 3,000-plus clowns help lull guests to sleep.

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New Hampshire: Lincoln Ice Castles

Romantic Spots in Every State

AJ Mellor / Courtesy of Ice Castles

The Ice Castles, located near Lincoln, New Hampshire, have become known for the otherworldly glow they give off at night. The ice structures — which look like something straight out of a certain Disney movie — are maintained by hand and grown every winter.

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New Jersey: Passion Puddle

Romantic Spots in Every State
Courtesy of Rutgers; The State University of New Jersey

College sweethearts can spend their time at Rutgers' Passion Puddle, the site of legendary collegiate romance lore. According to Rutgers tradition, anyone who walks around the pond three times with their lover will marry them, so be sure that any pond-side strolling is done with the right person.

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New Mexico: Dwan Light Sanctuary

Romantic Spots in Every State

M L Pearson / Alamy

The Dwan Light Sanctuary in Las Vegas, New Mexico will have guests seeing their partner in a whole new light. The space is equal parts art installation and scientific feat, with empty white space filled with rainbows from the sun shining through 12 large prisms in the building's apses. The sanctuary was designed as "a refuge from the pace, conflicts, and anxieties of daily living" and is the perfect destination for couples who are looking to just chill out and spread good vibes.

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New York: Niagara Falls

Romantic Spots in Every State

Peter Unger / Lonely Planet Images / Getty Images

The honeymoon capital of the world is an iconic stop for any travelers in love. Niagara Falls — which is actually comprised of three separate waterfalls — offers one of the most powerful water shows in the country, unless you count all the emotional lovers moved to tears here.

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North Carolina: Inn at Rodanthe

Romantic Spots in Every State

Traveladventure / iStockphoto / Getty Images

Couples that love tearjerker romance flicks should visit the inn from "Nights in Rodanthe." The building on stilts inspired a Nicholas Sparks novel, which then led to the film starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane.

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North Dakota: Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Romantic Spots in Every State

Dirk Anschutz / Getty Images

Couples who love wildlife can head to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where the Great Plains meet the Badlands. Come nightfall, the park offers a well-respected view of the nighttime sky — it's possible to spot the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy, or even catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis from the park. During the daytime, make a stop to see the naturally colorful Painted Canyon (closed seasonally during the winter due to weather conditions).

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Ohio: Crystal Cave

Romantic Spots in Every State

RosaIreneBetancourt 8 / Alamy

Those planning on popping the question can do so with a larger-than-life stone. Crystal Cave is actually the world's largest geode, discovered in 1897 by workers who were building a well. Today, it's owned by Heineman's Winery and open to visitors as part of a boozy tour of the property.

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Oklahoma: Center of the Universe

Romantic Spots in Every State

Robert Heber / Shutterstock

The Center of the Universe in Tulsa is an audio oddity. Those who stand inside the middle of the swirling circle on the ground will hear their own voices echoed back several times louder than how they were spoken — although nobody outside the circle will hear a thing. So go ahead and loudly proclaim your love instead of whispering sweet nothings. No one else will hear.

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Oregon: Thor's Well

Romantic Spots in Every State

Gallo Images / Getty Images

Proclaim your love at one of the most epic landscapes on the West Coast. Thor's Well appears to be an impressive and powerful sinkhole in the ocean — it's sometimes referred to as "the drainpipe of the Pacific." In actuality, the landmark is just an optical illusion, as it's really just a hole in a rock that creates the appearance of a bottomless pit.

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Pennsylvania: Fallingwater

Romantic Spots in Every State
Getty Images

The couple that appreciates 20th-century American architecture together stays together. Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece, Fallingwater, was designed for the Kaufmann family in 1935. The elegant weekend home appears to float over a rushing waterfall while its interiors are simultaneously cozy and spacious.

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Rhode Island: Mohegan Bluffs

Romantic Spots in Every State

jphoto / Alamy

A stroll along Mohegan Bluffs is one of the most dramatic walks available in the Ocean State. The bluffs stand 200 feet above the beach below and, on a clear day, provide views straight across the Block Island Sound to Montauk, New York. After a stroll, check out the picturesque lighthouses that dot Block Island.

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South Carolina: Pitt Street Bridge

Pitt Street Bridge in Mount Pleasant, SC

Daniela Duncan / Getty

Located just a short drive from Charleston in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, this bridge-turned-park is the perfect place for a waterfront evening stroll among the palmetto trees. In this neck of the woods, it doesn't get more romantic than that.

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South Dakota: Black Hills National Forest

Lake Sylvan in Custer State Park, a part of Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota

BenjaminSullivan/Getty Images

Whether you’re looking for a scenic drive or a challenging hike, this national forest has something for every couple. The park offers campgrounds if you want to stay overnight (and stargazing out in nature sounds pretty romantic, if you ask us). 

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Tennessee: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee at dusk.

Mint Images/Getty Images

If love is raising you higher, head to the highest point in all of Tennessee. At 6,643 feet, Clingmans Dome offers some of the most spectacular views in the Great Smoky Mountains. On clear days, it's possible to see up to 100 miles from the structure. Continue your outdoorsy date with a hike to a nearby waterfall to really soak in the beauty of this popular national park.

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Texas: San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River and River Walk at dusk

Adam Jones/Getty Images

A stroll along the San Antonio River Walk is a romantic way to spend a day in this charming Texas city. Find a spot to eat dinner on the water or grab an ice cream cone and enjoy the walk on a nice day. 

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Utah: Delicate Arch

Romantic Spots in Every State
Getty Images

Love is powerful, but it can sometimes be a delicate thing. Marvel at another natural treasure in Arches National Park. Although the geologic feature is now widely known as Delicate Arch, it's also been called many other colorful names, like "Cowboy's Chaps" and "Old Maid's Bloomers."

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Vermont: Scenic Route 100 Byway

A car driving along Route 100 in Vermont during fall

Prisma by Dukas/Getty Images

Take a leisurely drive down part (or all) of this over 200-mile scenic byway, and be sure to stop in charming small towns along the way. Fall is the best season to visit, thanks to the state’s famously vibrant fall foliage

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Virginia: Natural Bridge

Romantic Spots in Every State

zrfphoto / iStockphoto / Getty Images

This unusual geologic formation, called Natural Bridge, is often chosen as the site of couples' photoshoots. The 215-foot-tall rock tunnel's surrounding park also offers those who love to hike plenty of opportunities to get outdoors.

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Washington: Ruston Way Waterfront

Romantic Spots in Every State

iStockphoto / Getty Images

Couples looking for a walk with a view on the West Coast just need to head to the Ruston Way Waterfront for (practically) every type of landscape they could hope to gaze upon. From the boardwalk, you can look out at the bay of Puget Sound, and if you turn around, it's possible to spot the peak of Mount Rainier rising over the city of Tacoma.

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Washington, D.C.: Tidal Basin

Romantic Spots in Every State

SeanPavonePhoto / iStockphoto / Getty Images

For a romantic treat on your next trip to Washington, D.C., rent a paddle boat and row out along the Tidal Basin for some of the best views of the Jefferson Memorial — especially if you happen to be there in the spring during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. There are even swan paddle boats available to rent through a few of the local boat houses for those interested in a slower-paced jaunt (though they're only open seasonally from March to late October).

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West Virginia: The Greenbrier

Romantic Spots in Every State
Courtesy of The Greenbrier

Couples who love old-school charm, sophistication, and luxury can find what they're looking for at West Virginia's iconic resort. Over the course of the hotel's 200-year history, it has hosted 26 presidents and due largely in part to its location, switched hands several times between Union and Confederate troops during the Civil War. Nowadays, most people visit The Greenbrier for a relaxing session in the spa and to experience the hotel's unique white sulfur spring water, which is said to have healthy benefits.

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Wisconsin: Schoolhouse Beach

Romantic Spots in Every State

Deb Schense / Alamy

Couples can take a trip to Washington Island in Wisconsin's Door County for the ultimate Midwestern beach vacation. There, they'll find Schoolhouse Beach, a lovely spot to spend the day out on the water. Note: The pebbles here are beautiful, but it's against the law to take them home with you.

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Wyoming: Grand Prismatic Spring

Romantic Spots in Every State

iStockphoto / Getty Images

For the type of romance that can be described as "steamy," a trip to Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring is more than appropriate. The largest hot spring in the United States is also one of the country's most striking. It can only be described as a rainbow of natural beauty — a line you can totally steal while on a date in the park.

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