For engaged couples who would greatly prefer a candlelit dinner in Waikiki to a set of formal china, there's another option: on-line honeymoon registries. These sites sure beat getting a blender.
—Liz Krieger
Fee: $150 for a Web page
THE DRILL Fill out a questionnaire and a specialist will call to plan the entire trip and create a registry
THE AFFILIATE Luxury travel agency Protravel
THE BENEFIT Protravel's connections increase chances of upgrades and other freebies
THE DOWNSIDE To give, friends and family are required to pay a 9 percent processing fee
Fee: free
THE DRILL After making resort reservations, a honeymoon concierge helps set up your site
THE AFFILIATE All Starwood hotels and resorts
THE BENEFIT "Honeymoney" certificates come wrapped in boxes, just like real gifts
THE DOWNSIDE No registering for flights or rental cars—honeymoney can be redeemed only at the property
Fee: $1,000 deposit to hold two spots on a trip
THE DRILL Pick an all-inclusive trip, then let your relatives pay for it
THE AFFILIATE Backroads, which specializes in adventurous escapes
THE BENEFIT Money simply goes toward the cost of the entire trip
THE DOWNSIDE You can't register for air travel or other extras, so Aunt June won't be paying for that balloon ride
Fee: Nine percent of total contributions
THE DRILL Anything you can dream up, you can ask for—even snake-charming lessons in India
THE AFFILIATE Independently owned, it's the largest honeymoon site (with more than 10,000 couples)
THE BENEFIT Flexibility, plus you can list a charity that gift-givers can donate to
THE DOWNSIDE That 9 percent fee comes out of the couple's pocket, which can be a burden on newlyweds