Chocolates and a candle-lit dinner? Forget it. Travel is how to keep the romance alive.

Travel good for romance
Credit: Peter Cade/Getty Images

According to a new study from Travelocity, 56 percent of couples agree that travel is important for retaining the spark in a relationship—but 31 percent of couples have never been on a romantic, couples-only getaway.

And for those who need who need a little extra motivation: There’s another study that says couples who travel together have better sex lives than their stationary counterparts. And there are also a whole bunch of studies that say experiencing new things together can help deepen a relationship.

So couples who are looking to spice things up should consider getting out of town.

For those that are searching for a romantic destination to spark things up, Travelocity ranked the top 10 American cities with the most hotels described as “romantic.” The most romantic city in the U.S. was New York City, followed by Miami and Los Angeles.

Other top romantic destinations included Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, Napa Valley, San Francisco, San Diego and Florida Keys.

To help couples go on their Valentine’s getaway, Priceline put together a romantic itinerary for each of the 10 cities, including information on where to stay, where to go and what to eat for the perfect couple’s trip. The travel booking site is also offering discounts on hotels and “romantic activities” in each of the 10 cities because deepening your love life shouldn’t break the bank.

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