By Melanie Lieberman
March 14, 2014

Since aspiring boxer Rocky Balboa first made his heroic run up the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps, the cult-classic film Rocky has been synonymous with the Philadelphia.

Immortalized by a bronze statue in the City of Brotherly Love and five epic sequels, the tale of Rocky now continues on Broadway with Rocky the Musical.

Opening today, the theatrical experience is a close retelling of the story—and a visual invitation for fans to visit the character’s hometown.

Trace the boxer’s famous route down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and snag a signature cheesesteak from the first shop to make it: Pat’s King of Steaks, in South Philly’s Italian Market.

Philadelphia is a must-do destination for anyone, even if you didn’t idolize the Italian Stallion as a kid. Don’t miss the birthplace of the nation, Love Park, and America’s oldest zoo.

Of course, no one will think twice if they catch you racing up the Art Museum steps and fist-pumping at the top.

Melanie Lieberman is an editorial intern at Travel + Leisiure.