It would make the ultimate road trip.

highway proposal
Credit: Getty Images

The United States is filled with opportunities for incredible road trips, whether it is driving along America's Most Scenic Roads, taking a slow ride down a winding road in wintertime, or going for a springtime ramble. But even America’s best road trips pale in comparison to a proposed super-highway that would connect London to New York by way of Russia and Alaska.

The plan comes from Vladimir Yakunin, the head of the Russian Railways, who proposed the idea for the so-called trans-Siberian highway at the Russian Academy of Science annual meeting last year, according to CNN. If Yakunin’s still-hypothetical plan came to be, it would result in a roughly 13,000-mile-long highway that would span the globe.

The road would start in London and run across Western Europe, before moving into Russia. There it would run 6,200 miles across Western Russia through Siberia, along what Yakunin has dubbed the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development (TEPR), a major roadway to be constructed alongside the existing Trans-Siberian Railway.

Drivers would then cross a 55-mile long stretch of the Bering Strait (bridge and/or tunnel plans are still TBD) and into Nome, Alaska, home of the Iditarod dog sled race. Currently there is no road that connects Nome to Fairbanks. (When asked, Google Maps distressingly notes, “Sorry, we could not calculate driving directions from "Nome, AK" to "Fairbanks, AK.”)

If Yakunin’s plan includes a scheme to get a car from Nome to Fairbanks, from there it’s an easy 69-hour, 4,249-mile drive from Fairbanks across Western Canada, through North Dakota, then the Eastern United States before reaching New York City.

Unfortunately Yakunin’s big dream comes with a trillion-dollar price tag and no plan as to who will foot the bill. As Maxim notes, that makes the ultimate road trip depressingly unlikely. Until this expensive pipe dream becomes a reality, thrill-seekers will have to be satisfied with attempting the Cannonball Run, while Sunday drivers make their way along the Pacific Coast Highway.