Summer is road trip season, but which is the best road trip to go on?

While your ideal road trip can heavily depend on your personal goals, interests, and even the types of food you love, there is some interesting data out there if you are truly stuck on where to go if you’re aching to hit the open road.

Analysis website Geotab gathered some of this data to discover the very best road trips in the U.S., rounding up 50 incredible trips where there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

“The all-American road trip has been a great way to explore the country since the early 1900s, with certain routes becoming iconic vacations for seeing landmarks, visiting cities, and simply enjoying the open road,” says Geotab.

Amongst the top ten road trips are Monument Valley Trails (at number one), Yellowstone and the Tetons (at number two), Blue Ridge Parkway (at number five), Oregon’s Pacific Coast (at number six), the Grand Canyon (at number eight), and Bryce and Zion National Parks (at number 10).

Each location was ranked based on the number and quality of attractions available, accommodations available, places to eat, how busy the roads get, and how many days they take to drive.

In addition to the overall rankings, certain road trips also earned superlatives in particular categories. Monument Valley Trails, along the Arizona-Utah border, earned the title as the “Ultimate Road Trip,” since it offers stunning views of beautiful rock formations including Valley of the Gods and the Natural Bridges National Monument. It’s also an ideal five-day trip for someone who’s looking to take a nice, long vacation.

Road Trip through Monument Valley
Credit: YinYang/Getty Images

As far as having the best attractions, Hells Canyon Scenic Byway in Oregon (number nine overall), can’t be beat. There, you can find the Wallowa Mountains, the Snake River, and make a stop in Baker City. It’s also a nice, short trip at only three days.

If you’re a foodie, opt for a four day trip along one of the “Two Roads” from Santa Fe to Taos in New Mexico. Not only will you get your fill of natural, desert views and local artwork, you’ll also be able to stop at tons of local restaurants with delicious, authentic food.

History buffs should take a week-long trip along the Missouri River (number four overall), according to Geotab. By following the longest river in the U.S., you’ll see the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, listen to some authentic music in Kansas City, visit the Henry Wollman Bloch Memorial Fountain, and see Fort Omaha.

But if you only have a weekend to spare, a nice two day trip is waiting on the Lake Champlain Byway (number 26 overall). According to Geotab, it’s a great way to explore one of the best lakes in Vermont and take a nice, relaxing break. Go swimming, boating, and enjoy some wine on the water while you’re there.

For more information and to see the full list, visit the Geotab website.