And now you can recreate their Canadian adventure.

Hotels often boast about rooms with a view. But one couple has bested them all by staying in a moveable structure that relocates every night.

For a promotion with Tourisme Québec, a couple from Brooklyn went on a weeklong journey through Quebec. Kip Geddes and Glennis Laroe woke up each morning in a different part of the Canadian province. And each morning they had to discover where they were.

Their small temporary home — designed by Montreal architecture firm l’Abri — was transported around Quebec by helicopter, train, boat, and truck. Every morning, Geddes and Laroe opened the door to their tiny hut and found themselves in a new destination.

The Quebecois journey took the couple through the province’s culture, landmarks, cities, nature, and gastronomy. Outside of Quebec City, they ate poutine from a food truck. They visited the Saguenay Fjord National Park and spent a night in the Foresta Lumina night forest. The couple also went whale watching, cheese tasting, and skydiving.

In Montreal, Geddes and Laroe went zip lining through the old town, attended the Piknic Electronik music festival, and walked through the Mile End neighborhood.

Travelers interested in recreating the couple’s adventure can see the full tinerary online, and those who can’t immediately relocate can relive the journey through 360-degree video.