A Hertz promotion appears to have backfired.

rental car solar eclipse road trip
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The solar eclipse is the perfect excuse for a road trip.

But if you’re planning on taking a drive, make sure you double check your reservation.

Car rental company Hertz has cancelled some of its reservations in anticipation of the total solar eclipse that will be sweeping across the United States from the west coast to the southern east coast August 21, Buzzfeed reported.

This cancellation comes after Hertz sent out a promotion for drivers to rent cars specifically for viewing the eclipse.

The company claims many of the popular locations for watching the eclipse were oversold, therefore there were more reservations made than were cars available, so a few had to be cancelled.

Unfortunately, Hertz did not inform the cancelled customers directly and instead used an automated system, according to the same Buzzfeed report.

Hertz offered vouchers to any customers who had their reservations cancelled, according to The Washington Post. The car rental company did not specify whether those vouchers will remain valid until the next total eclipse, which will occur in 2024.

For people who are still looking to see the total eclipse on the 21st, a map put together by NASA perfectly draws a line where you can experience the entire thing, coast to coast.